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Many new computers tend to emphasize portability above everything else, especially with the modern tablet trend, but there are still plenty of reasons to choose a desktop PC.

Without having to worry about weight, batteries, or stabilizers for the hard drive, desktops simply have more room for storage, which means not only more disk space but often more RAM as well, which is great for complicated software like high-end games or just for multitasking.

They also have more room for add-ons like multiple disk drives or ports- whatever you need to keep your work and play running as efficiently as possible.

Also, having a designated work space can actually make you more efficient than the time you think you’re adding by being able to take your laptop elsewhere.

If you have a space that is only for work or that is the place you always do your work, it’s easier to get your mind focused on the job and also easier to remember what you were doing when you left off the last time.

Even if your desktop is your gaming machine while your laptop is your work machine, this still applies; transitioning from the desktop, the designated ‘play’ area, to the laptop will help you transition from game mode to work mode.

Lastly, for the tech savvy, desktops tend to have a lot more options for customization.

You can usually pick some of the parts that go in any computer when you order it online, but desktops make it easier to open up the machine and replace individual components.

Also, since things like the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers are separate from the machine itself, it’s very easy to pick exactly the accessories you want, even from a different store, and to keep a good monitor or pair of speakers when updating to a newer, faster computer- something you can’t do with a laptop.

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