About Us

Mike PhotoHi, my name is Mike, and I run “Top 5 PCs.” I have a master’s degree in Physics and love computers. This site exists for one simple reason: to help people get the computer they need at a price they can afford.
There are so many different options in computers these days. Far too often, I see people paying for features they don’t need or not paying for features they do, simply because they get bogged down in choices and don’t understand all of the technical features of the computer they’re buying.

I created this site to give clear breakdowns of the 5 best computers in different brands and types so that people can understand what they’re buying.

I wanted a site that would make clear what computers were best for what tasks, so that people weren’t paying for a gaming machine when they just needed word processing and Internet- or, conversely, buying a computer suited more to work tasks when they wanted an all-around computer for entertainment, just because the one was cheaper.

This site helps consumers save time and money by rounding up the five best options of all the top PC brands. You can easily compare and contrast computers within a brand and computers of different brands until you find the option that fits your needs and your price range, all on one site. We also feature many great deals and coupons, so you can save additional money on the machine we’ve helped you select.

Browse through our articles and enjoy the one-stop shopping experience and the feeling of knowing what you’re getting in a computer. If you find the machine that’s right for you and leave happy, then we’ve done our job here.

Please feel free to contact us for questions and/or suggestions.