Mobile & Internet - Reviews and Deals

We live so much of our lives digitally that it is vitally important to make a good decision when picking the services required to keep you connected, whether to the internet or directly to others.

However, with various advances in technology, it can be difficult to even decide where to start looking.

Many people don’t even know what kind of service fits their needs best, much less what company to start with.

Here are some basic distinctions to help you pick your internet, television, and phone connections:

1. DSL- A “digital subscriber line” uses phone lines to transmit the internet signals, but not in the same way as dial up.

It uses extra space on these existing telephone connections to keep you connected.

It is reliable and is a good option if you only get phone service along with your internet rather than TV, as you can usually get good bundle deals. It is a little slower than the other two options, but is fine for regular internet browsing.

2. Cable Internet- While DSL uses phone lines to connect to the internet, cable modems use television cable lines.

These are able to transmit more data more quickly.

As you might suspect, cable internet service often comes as a package deal with television service.

This can save you money and also let you get all your services from one provider, so you only have one consolidated bill to pay and one company to call if there are problems.

3. Fios- Fiber-optic cables are some of the most advanced cables in existence and can transmit electricity or data up to 25 times more efficiently than the cables used in standard phone or television cables.

While more expensive and not as widely available as the other two options, Fios is by far the fastest.

If you do live in an area that benefits from fiber-optic cables, you can take advantage of them for not just your internet connection, but also your television and phone services!

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