Fiber Optic Networks: Introduction & Promotions

Fiber optic networks are growing in popularity right now. In fact, Variety even called the trend of expanding fiber options ”Fiber Fever”. Fiber-optic Internet produces the highest speeds possible and has a lot of appealing options for Internet users looking for a better Internet service for their home.

Awesome promotions for the fiber optic networks

Fiber optic networks, like the Verizon FiOS network, have some amazing perks. Not only do they have unmatched speeds in Internet and advanced digital technology in fiber TV and Voice, but you can get all of this with promotional pricing. Attractive promo deals make the FiOS network a clear choice for your high-tech home.
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Their newest limited time offer includes a $300 gift card with your Triple Play FiOS bundle. This is for residential subscribers only, but is about the equivalent of getting 3 or 4 months free when you consider the Triple Play package starts at $99.99/month. Get started at

Competitive deals

Save an additional $15 a month when you hook your home up with fiber. This offer applies to Triple Play bundles and lasts for two whole years of service. After two years, the price returns to its original monthly rate. Considering how fast and intelligent a fiber Internet connection is, that’s a great deal.

Impressive bundles

Save the most with the FiOS Triple Play and bundle up FiOS Internet, FiOS TV, and FiOS Digital Voice at a great monthly price.

It’s the best technology around

• Fiber produces the fastest speeds available
• Fiber is the newest technology in Internet, TV, and digital voice transmissions
• Although it’s the newest and fastest (no kidding, seriously), fiber Internet providers still offer great money-saving promotions.

Take advantage of the fiber optic network in your area, you can experience Internet, TV, and digital voice services how they were designed to be enjoyed. Unlike DSL, satellite, or cable Internet options, you can download entire HD movies and music albums in a matter of seconds.

Check out some of Sony’s customizable laptops and Ultrabooks to pair with the blazing fast Internet speeds of FiOS. The full HD displays produce crisp graphics that will work great for watching HD movies at the click of a mouse. All made possible through the incredible quality of FiOS Internet.

Get the best possible Internet speeds

Unheard of download and upload speeds: up to 500 mbps for downloading and 65 mbps for uploading. You simply cannot find that with any other internet provider. Pair your FiOS service with the awesome new gaming laptop from Dell, the Alienware M18, designed for gaming enthusiasts.

When you get high-quality Internet, it’s always a good plan to match it with the highest quality devices too. Another great device designed for the fastest Internet available? The “entertainment powerhouse” called HP ENVY.  It’s a laptop bigger than most at 17.3” and would be a fantastic accompaniment to the high speeds of FiOS Internet.

Includes an app to manage your FiOS services

• Check your home voicemails
• Record your favorite TV shows and movies
• Watch on demand programs from the app, on-the-go!

So, what’s the catch?

With a service this great for such a great price, you’ve got to be wondering about that fine print. But the main drawback for Verizon FiOS is that it isn’t available in all locations yet. Unparalleled speed does come with a bit of a catch, since not all areas are blessed with this new technology right now.

Make sure to call ahead to find out if FiOS services are available in your hometown. You have to treat yourself to the Gold Standard of entertainment and Internet if it’s available.

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