Serif PagePlus X8: Create Business Documents for Less

Serif is offering a new program for anyone who needs to create professional print media for their organization. It’s called PagePlus X8 desktop publishing software, and it can handle any project you can come up with.

You can easily create a brand image across multiple projects by inserting your organizations logo and coming up with preset color schemes.

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Whether your project is for promotional or internal use, you can ensure that it looks just how you want by doing it yourself with the powerful platform that PagePlus X8 software provides.

Publish Flexible, Finished Documents with User- Friendly Serif PagePlus X8

Professional designers are worth the money for some projects, but when you are on a tight budget or just want something small put together, they may not be the right choice.

With Serif PagePlus X8, you get access to a host of templates and tools that are designed to help you handle such projects yourself.

Serif PagePlus X8

The program is easy to understand even for those who don’t have that much experience with design. With the templates, almost anyone can create a simple design that looks clean and professional, and still has all of the important brand information for your organization.

Perfect for Networking

While it’s great that there are many different tools for different people to use according to their preferences, it can become a problem if your program only saves your creations in certain format.

What if not all of your prospective audience or partners have the same program?

With Serif PagePlus X8, this isn’t an issue, as you can easily save your documents in the EPUB 3 format, which can not only be read across systems but also on most mobile devices.

With this format, you can even make documents and brochures interactive, with menus and tables of contents.

If you’re going to be circulating your projects in print rather than digitally, PagePlus X8 still has you covered. It supports CMYK color and has special alignment tools, so what you see on your screen is what you’ll get on the page. Plus, your colors will really pop!

A Thorough Upgrade: PagePlus X7 vs PagePlus X8

If you’ve already used a previous PagePlus program like PagePlus X7, you may be wondering what new features X8 introduces.

There are several, all designed with the users in mind to offer more flexibility.

The Baseline Grid helps you make sure that your whole project is aligned in the same way. It can be very hard to do this manually, especially in a project that uses different fonts or different sizes of text. Manually mirroring things can be difficult, too, but lacking symmetry can make a poster or brochure look less than professional. The Baseline Grid takes care of all these problems and keeps everything looking consistent.

Support for the EPUB 3 format is also new to PagePlus X8. You won’t have to save your document in a format where your hard work is reduced to jumbled lines of text in order to offer it digitally. EPUB 3 works with all sorts of modern devices, including tablets and e-readers. That means that Serif PagePlus X8 is ideal for creating projects that will be published digitally, like newsletters or even eBooks!

You also get plenty of options to create, edit, and insert PDFs, one of the other most common file types for distributing digital content. Whether you’re a cutting edge business or just starting the transition from print media to digital distribution, Serif PagePlus X8 is ideal for creating projects that will look great on both the screen and the page.

PagePlus X8 also has more options for photo editing as compared to X7, so you don’t have to go to another program to make basic changes or enhancements. You can easily add a variety of effects or change the color and contrast of an image within the program, so you can see how it looks as part of the whole while you make your adjustments.


Serif’s PagePlus programs have been and continue to be solid, easy to use programs to create any type of project or document for your organization. With the advent of PagePlus X8, PagePlus users can look forward to even more advanced tools that offer options for great digital content alongside print projects.

If you’re thinking of trying PagePlus X8, there’s no better opportunity: Serif currently offers a money back guarantee!

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