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Tablets are the latest rage in gadgets and they do have many wonderful uses.

Smaller and lighter than the lightest laptops, tablets solve the shrinking display size problem that laptops and portable TVs have dealt with by making the product all screen.

This clever move makes them optimal for applications that need a large display but not a huge amount of memory or power, such as viewing pictures, watching videos, or reading.

If even a laptop has seemed too bulky to you on a regular basis and you usually just use your portable devices for accessing the internet, viewing various media, or reading, with little text entry on your part, a tablet is the device for you.

They do have the disadvantage of generally being quite hard to enter text on, at least at first before you are used to a touch-screen keyboard, but otherwise have about the same capability as a netbook.

Without the need for high-end processors, tablets are all about battery life and display capabilities, giving you a portable entertainment center wherever you go, or just the perfect device to keep you updated on your emails and networking in situations where carrying a laptop around would be impractical.

Admittedly, part of the draw for tablets is that they are just plain neat! With their slim size and touch screen functions, they seem like something out of a science fiction show.

The touch screen allows for intuitive browsing and viewing of many types of media and has also been incorporated into many small games that can be downloaded or purchased for your device.

If you need the newest tech and are always on the move while needing your schedule and your media close to hand, tablets are probably the device for you.

Enjoy your program or video only being a quick tap away!

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