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Just as Dell is known for the top gaming desktops in the industry, it also has the best gaming laptops. Not everyone has the space or the settled lifestyle to accommodate a large desktop setup.

For small apartments or for hardcore gamers who want to take their machines to conventions, events, or tournaments, a portable machine is a necessity.

Dell Alienware Aurora desktop

Alienware laptops are the standard for the power, graphics, and sound capability to do true justice to the latest games in a portable form. While they are pretty pricey, you’ll no longer have to worry about your laptop not being able to run your favorite game or shutting down in the middle of an online battle.

In addition, you get the prestige of having a very cool case that immediately tells everyone around you how serious you are.

That isn’t to imply that Dell laptops are only for gamers! On the contrary, Dell uses its advances in gaming technology to make better all-around laptops that suit any customer’s lifestyle.

Their swivel-screen touch laptops and slender ultrabooks are top of the line, and all of their machines have the same great support. They bill their support as the best in America, and it may be true.

In addition to basic technical support, they offer several specialty services for people with laptops or with more than one computer to make your life easier.

All Dell computers now come with Cloud tools to backup your most important data or access it from any computer, which is especially helpful if you have both a laptop and a desktop.

Dell also offers a tracking service so that if your laptop ever gets stolen, it is easier than ever to find and recover, as well as a service for the types of accidental damage that laptops are extra liable to, like spills or cracked screens due to impacts or being dropped!

Dell is the name to go to for truly high-performance desktops. It is well known throughout the computer community that while Dell does manufacture great everyday home machines, its true advantage lies in its superior gaming and media machines.

High-end Dell desktops emphasize graphics and sound cards as well as processing power to make sure you are getting the most out of your games and other media.

Dell’s Alienware brand exemplifies this while also looking especially cool and giving you lots of tech credibility with your friends.

If you play the latest games aggressively or are a stickler for high definition and sound fidelity in your computer-based media center, Dell is the manufacturer to look into first, as they are famous for creating desktops that perform excellently in all of these areas.

The other big advantage of Dell desktops is the great support they get. Dell prides itself on its excellent technical support department.

No one wants something to go wrong with their computer, but with how complicated machines are getting these days, especially the advanced gaming desktops that Dell tends to sell, something is bound to fail eventually, even with the highest quality components.

When it does, you want to have the best support you can find so that you don’t have to go long without your computer, especially if it contains important work information or is your primary entertainment device.

And again, with a high-end desktop, few people, even if they are tech savvy, have the know-how to fix it themselves or want to risk it with their expensive gaming computer.

With a Dell machine, you can rest assured that if anything does go wrong, they will stand behind their product and get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. It’s a great reassurance for those who tend to worry a lot about their devices!