Lenovo IdeaCentre Legion Y720 Cube 90H20050US Desktop

If you have been searching for a while and could not make up your mind whether to get a gaming or a regular desktop, take a look at the Lenovo Ideacentre Legion Y720 Cube 90H2000DUS.

The Ideacentre Legion Y720 Cube 90H20050US is a top level powerful desktop PC with the latest 7th generation Intel Core i3 processor.

The Legion Y720 Cube 90H2000DUS  gaming desktop is super-fast right out of the box. It boots very, very fast which a really big deal for users. It is very sleek and sports a modern design, has many great advanced features and very affordable price.

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Price: $849 + FREE shipping 

Legion Y720 Cube

The Lenovo Legion Y720 Cube 90H20050US desktop equipped with 8GB memory for high speed ultimate performance and a spacious 1TB  8GB hard drive. You can play some hard hitting games such as ARK:Survival Evolved and GTA V with ease.

With the HDMI port installed on this computer, you can connect to receivers, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray and DVD players.

The USB 3.0 port gets up to 10 times faster transfer data speed when connecting to the external devices.

Another advanced feature is a video graphics. The Ideacentre Legion Y720 Cube 90H20050US desktop sports the advanced NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB. The Y700 gaming desktop comes with a 1 year warranty and weighs only 16.3 lbs.


The high-performance Legion Y720 Cube 90H2000DUS is fast, responsive, reliable, solid built and designed with advanced features. It is a good choice for high demand users. Great desktop for students, business professionals, social media enthusiasts and almost everyone.