Lenovo Yoga Book Android Tablet ZA0V0224US

Lenovo Yoga BookFREE shipping + with weekly deals & coupons on the new ultraportable Lenovo Yoga Book, a 2-in-1 tablet – Carbon Black.

Yoga Book tablet specifications:
Processor – Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor (2.40GHz 2MB)
Operating System – ANDROID 6.0
Memory – 4.0GB LPDDR3
Display – 10.1″ IPS LED LCD Touch (1920×1200)
Hard Drive – 64GB
Battery life – up to 15 hours
Weight – 1.52 lbs

Innovative Product That Exceeds Your Expectations

The beautifully designed and incredibly light Lenovo Yoga Book is a really good tablet. The Yoga form factor means that this tablet does not need a case or a stand like other tablets, as well as Bluetooth accessories – it features a keyboard and pen that never need charging. When you consider those conveniences, the Yoga Book is a value over other higher-end tablets.

The build quality of the Lenovo Yoga Book is brilliant. It’s light, sleek and elegant. The hinge works nicely. Holding it like a notebook is comfortable.

The Yoga Book is surprisingly thin and light. The build is sound and the case has a nice feel to it.

Writing on the Create Pad with the stylus works very well and is comfortable and not feasible.

The Halo keyboard is good – better than typing on a tablet screen. However, the haptics and the typing sounds are little bit annoying, particularly because they are not really adjustable. The typing sounds have one volume setting (high) and the haptics have two different levels which are indistinguishable from one another and pretty noticeable. They can both be turned off and typing works fine without them. If they could be adjustable, typing would be a little easier. You can install Swiftkey and it will work with the keyboard and correct your typing as you go.

The stylus is great – Wacom technology is the most advanced on the market and better than the Microsoft surface pens.

The touch screen is beautifully sharp and bright.

The size of the Yoga Book is perfect for media consumption. Everything fits perfectly and when reading in portrait mode you can use the base to hold or to prop up the device like a normal book or magazine – it’s far more comfortable than having just a tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Book is really approximates laptop performance but with the benefits of being very light and thin as well as having very good battery life.


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