$100 off Ultra-Slim Lenovo S21e-20 Laptop

The 11.67″ Lenovo S21e is small,  really small. Its compact frame and several hours battery life makes it an ideal travel companion whether you’re off to work, school, or another country.

Lenovo S21e-20 laptop – silver specifications:
Display -11.6Lenovo S21e-20 laptop” HD AntiGlare with integrated camera, resolution (1366×768)
Processor – Intel Celeron N2940 Processor
Operating System – Windows 10
Memory – 2.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz
Graphics Card – Intel HD Graphics
Hard Drive – 64GB eMMC
Battery life up to 5 hours
Weight 2.5 lbs

Lenovo S21e-20 laptop : Small & Powerful for a Competitive Price

The S21-20 laptop features a perfect form factor, light, tiny, very portable, feels solid and a highly portable solution for productivity on business trips, social networking, streaming TV and video, and using the internet at home or on trips.
The processing speed is really good, great graphics and the weight are fantastic.
The S21-20’s keyboard is kid proof to the extent that tiny hands can’t pull any of the keys out.
The Intel Celeron processor is impressive. Chrome and Microsoft Office apps run well. Games like a Diablo 3 run smoothly. Battery life is good, around 5 hours.
Cons: the touch pad is a little difficult to get used to if you are used to track point, the screen is hard to see outdoors, and the power plug jack on the side rather than the back is a little irritating.
The perfect for students Lenovo S21e-20 laptop is the cheapest laptop for this tiny size and a great performance.

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