HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ: Excellent Performance & Great Value

The HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ is the customizable PC for everyone. Gamers, intensive-memory app users and professionals alike will converge in the consideration of this particular HP ENVY  model. Simply said, the HP ENVY   provides, performs and delivers more than what’s expected of it.

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Build and Design

The 750’s build is sleek and modern. It boasts illuminating accents, subtle curves and a brushed metal finish.

HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZThe valet panel accommodates connections from digital accessories. Mounted on it are 2 USB Superspeed 3.0 ports and audio jacks. Beside this is the conveniently located power button.

Like most modern designs, the HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ sports a sliding panel in front for easy access to front-mounted ports. This panel also keeps them hidden and protected from dust when not in use.

Performance and Graphics

Consumers who have purchased the ENVY 750  were pleased with this computer. It shouldn’t be a surprise when this ENVY model packs the latest AMD Hexa-Core RYZEN 5 1600 and pairs it with a very varied range of mid to high-end graphics processors (from the modest Intel HD to the more intense NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070)

Photo and video editing, as well as gaming, won’t be an issue with this ENVY 750 desktop PC.

Hard drive options for this  customizable desktop range from a 2TB SATA to a whopping 256 SSD + 2 TB HDD. Users who prefer speed over space can opt for a 512GB SSD.
Finally, the HP ENVY Desktop 750’s package also includes the latest Windows 10 operating system by default.


HP exclusively provides its customers with a variety of ports. It doesn’t stop with the typical Wireless LAN. Wireless options include a Wireless LAN card which could be upgraded to the Premium WLAN card and Bluetooth combo.

The HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ  is built with a 7-in-1 card reader for digital media usage and transfers. This desktop also comes complete with the standard SuperMulti DVD Burner.

Pros and Cons of the HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ

Although, the HP ENVY 750 seem to be perfect in all of its basic aspects, it can still be subject to minor flaws. Below is a list of this 750 series’ pros and cons.


1. Tool-Free Access. One of HP’s upgrade-friendly feature is its tool-free access to parts and components for easy replacement and upgrade.

2. Abundant Hard Drive Space. Despite its compact appearance, the HP ENVY Desktop 750-610RZ  has space for up to 3 internal hard drives.

3. With this HP model’s base specifications and cheap price $649, it’s definitely a great find. Some users have already commented on how this computer is capable of outperforming non-HP branded desktops of the same specs.

4. Exclusively HP. HP bundles included in their products are useful and fun. This PC comes with HP Audio audio and popular software trials such as Microsoft Office and Security software.


Valet Tray Location. The valet tray location can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the user’s point of view. Since the ports on it face backwards, people placing the unit in computer cabinets will have difficulty accessing them.


The HP ENVY Desktop – 750-610RZ is simply amazing. It was designed to boost power, speed and upgradeability. HP did not only take into account its appearance, but it also made sure that its internals will make tech-savvy computer users happy with its storage capabilities and tool-free access.
There’s no question that gamers, professionals and memory-intensive software users will find this machine a great bargain.

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Main specifications:
Operating system: up to Windows 10 Pro
Processor: up to AMD Hexa-Core RYZEN 5 1600
Memory: up to 16GB
Hard drive: 256 SSD + 2TB HDD storage
supports up to 3 displays
Graphics: AMD Radeon RX580 4G
Optical drive: ODD DVD Writer 9.5mm Tray
Ports: 2 USB 2.0; 2 USB 3.0; 1 headphone/microphone combo, 7-in-1 memory card reader, 2 DIMM
Product # 1LQ69AV_1
Price starts from $799 >

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