Lenovo Yoga 3 14 Convertible Tablet-Laptop Coupons

The Lenovo Yoga 3 14 (MultiTouch) isn’t like any other Ultrabook  on the market. Here’s what you can look forward to with the release of the Lenovo YOGA.

Lenovo YOGA 3 14  – The Ultraportable Convertible Laptop


This Ultrabook is like their other models at 14″.  There’s also a touchscreen which is 0.7″ thick, and it is less than most thin laptops, which usually have 0.9″ thick touchscreens. The computer has a battery life which lasts at around seven hours so you can get plenty of use out of it. Lenovo Yoga 3 14 One amazing feature of this laptop is that there’s a hinge on the screen so you can rotate it 360 degrees and turn your YOGA computer into a tablet.

Once you display goes beyond the 1809 degrees the keyboard shuts off and you can use the touchscreen features on this computer. There’s a soft coating on the unit so it won’t slip or fall when you place it on surfaces. This really is a hybrid laptop/tablet computer.

This computer will require Windows 8.1 to run so it will use the latest in software technologies. The Yoga 3 (14 inch) sports a powerful SSD drives with the latest 5th generation Intel processor. The unit can sync Internet data and email while in sleep mode.

Who benefits from the Yoga 3 (14 inch) Laptop?

This new design has a lot of cool features and one of them has to be the folding screen. Imagine having all the processing power of a laptop but being able to turn it into a tablet.

If you’re business person going on a trip and need a robust computer you have to lug a heavy laptop around with you. With the Lenovo Yoga 3 14  you’ll have a tablet sized computer that’s powerful, so you’ll save more room in your bag when you go on a flight.

This machine will be effective and give you the processing power of a laptop that you need for presentations, graphics, documents and other business applications while still offering the small compact features of a tablet.

Students can benefit from the Yoga too because it gives them the portability of a tablet yet then can quickly flip it over and have the processing capabilities of a laptop to work on their schoolwork. It’s also light so it won’t take up room in their school bag.

Anyone that loves a tablet style computer but wants more processing power and features will love the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 because it brings the best of both worlds to computing. Having a tablet is great when you’re on the go because it’s small and compact but sometimes you want more processing capabilities.

The laptop features of the Yoga will allow you to do more work with less weight and hassles that you get with a full sized laptop. The 7.4 hours of battery life make it perfect for traveling too. This could be a computer that everyone is going to want because it brings the best of both worlds.

A Great Concept

The Yoga changed the way we look at laptops. The main drawback to laptops is they are bulky to carry despite their small size and they still take up far too much room when we travel. With the compact and portable Yoga we get the features of the laptop yet we can convert it to a tablet style computer whenever we want.

Those changes the way we do computing because we get portability and power at our fingertips. The Lenovo Yoga 3 14 will use the latest technology in Windows 8.1 so it will support all the new apps and software that are released.

Key Features & Specifications:

Advanced slim design; easily converts from laptop to tablet
Up to 8 hours’ battery life and smart technologies keep your system updated around the clock
Up to 5th Gen Intel Core  i7 processor
up to Windows 10 Home 64
Intel HD Graphics 5500
Up to 8GB DDR3L memory
Up to 256GB SSD storage
Automatically updates email and internet data, even in sleep mode
14.0″ Full HD multitouch screen
Weight 3.5 lbs

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