HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 Desktop: Working Reliably on a Compact PC

The HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop has the power and features comparable to an entry-level notebook at a cheaper price.

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This new small form factor breaks away from the traditional full-sized tower so users won’t have a hard time seating it in small areas.

HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1554 Desktop

As a Slimline member, consumers expect it to have a decent overall performance while maintaining a compact figure.

Build and Design

One thing’s for sure, the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop won’t blow anyone away with its physical looks. In fact, it would be more appropriate to brand the Slimline a minimalist’s ideal CPU- not to mention that it only comes in one color.

The sleek design can be attributed to its curved-edge appearance and stylish front panel. As mentioned earlier, it’s not a gamer’s dream case but rather a clean and trim chassis that’ll effortlessly blend in any room it’s placed at.

Ventilation systems located at the top and left panels so storing it behind a desk won’t be a problem. With a chassis that’s less than half the size of a traditional PC, users won’t have any problems fitting this into a room with limited real estate.

This said, the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop is only capable of accommodating two disk drives (1 bay is for 5.25″ and the other is for 3.5″).

Performance and Graphics

Though the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034  desktop isn’t running with the latest Ivy Bridge processors, this in no way stops it from showing flawless video streaming and graphics editing.

The Intel Pentium G2020 is a dual core processor with an operating speed of up to 2.9GHz. Surprisingly, one of the utmost concerns with this s5 is that it’s only assembled with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD (DX10.1). Ironic enough, even though VGA is supported, there’s no port of it in the back or front of the device.


Unlike the majority of this line, the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop does come with two USB 3.0 ports at the front panel. Four USB 2.0 ports are located at the back along with Ethernet, DVI, and Audio jacks for the subwoofer, rear and side speaker, audio line-in and line-out and microphone.

Finally, a 6-in-1 multimedia card reader is situated at the front. To further encourage users to go cable-less, an 802.11 b, g, n wireless LAN is highlighted in this CPU. It operates at 2.4GHz and supports WPA and WPA2-PSK Windows security protocols.

Pros and Cons of the HP 400-034 Desktop

The HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop may not come with the gaming raw power nor will it have the flashiest chassis. Nonetheless, this CPU will serve users well in terms of productivity, everyday computing tasks, and entertainment. The list below summarizes the400-034′s pros and cons.


1. Compact Small Form Factor (SFF). Desktops nowadays are taking less and less space in our homes. This is due to the emergence of cost-friendly laptops and all-in-ones. This s5 will blend perfectly to its surroundings may it be on top of a counter or a small office table.

2. USB 3.0 Ports. The s5-1260 and s5-1020 may be running Intel Core i3 processors, but these models lack USB 3.0 ports for speedy file transfers. The 400-034  has two Superspeed USB 3.0 ports located at the front.

3. Built-in Wireless LAN Connectivity. The HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop’s stock keyboard and mouse may be wired, but users are readily given the option to go wireless. This also means that one has the choice to choose between LAN and Wi-Fi for their local and internet connection.

4. Spacious Storage. Users will have plenty of room for their multimedia files with the 1TB hard drive the HP Pavilion 400-034 desktop is built with.

5. Reasonably-Priced SFF Desktop. Though performance isn’t this s5′s standout feature, potential owners will be happy to learn that the Slimline 400-034 is priced right for its compactness and decent performance.


1. Limited Graphics Support. Those who plan to do a little modern gaming will have to find another computer as the HP Pavilion 400-034 desktop only comes with the preset Intel GMA integrated graphics card. Heavy gaming is almost non-existent.

2. Comes with Wired Mouse and Keyboard by Default. It’s not that HP’s accessories aren’t good; it’s just the fact that these two will have to take 2 out of the 6 USB slots.

3. No VGA or HDMI. This is, by far, one of the most disappointing drawbacks the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop has. The absence of regularly used VGA and HDMI ports bounds this CPU to DVI.


Compact, simple and sophisticated are just some of the standout attributes the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop has. Don’t be deceived by its size though. The 400-034  will meet one’s basic computing needs without burning a hole in the wallet.

Therefore, it’s a perfect match for budget-conscious consumers with limited computer space such as dorm students.

Windows 8
Intel Pentium g2020 dual core processor 2.9GHz
4GB memory
1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive
Beats Audio

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